Torn & Frayed

Torn & Frayed were a bluesy rock band from Blackpool, Lancashire (UK) during the late eighties and first half of the nineties. The band was made up of several members but the two constant members were Ashley Hurst on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Andy Roberts on Bass and backing vocals (and occasional lead vocal).

Other members at various times were a lad called Dave from Rotenstall on drums, Dave McCrudden from Thornton on guitar, Alan Hackney from Lytham (and later Sheffield) on Drums, Nick Cottam from Blackpool on drums (we had problems with drummers), Pete Hughes from Bispham on keyboard, Dan Hoffman on lead vocals, Embryo on guitar, and Danny Horsefield from Rochdale (god know where he is now) on lead guitar.

The following downloads are from two different sessions, the first recorded in a top studio, the second in a "DIY" standard studio. the second is best! Thanks to Alan Pill (formerly of The United States of Mind and Funky Jungle/Rosa Rugosa) for guesting on the acoustic guitar in the 1992 demo and also for helping out with producing. Also thanks to Russ Smith from The Fury for the backing vocals on Lady Sings The Blues.

Andy & Dan Hoffman @ The Jaggy Thistle circa 1990

Music Downloads

Play Lady Sings The Blues (requires Real Audio) | Download WMA

Play Show Some Emotion (requires Real Audio) | Download WMA

Complete 1992 Demo (36Mb) | Download MP3

Set List

I've tried to remember all the tracks we covered and all the original stuff - if I've missed any please let me know...

  • Red House - Hendrix
  • Rock n Roll Damnation - AC/DC
  • Stone Free - Hendrix
  • Little Wing - Hendrix
  • Up to my Neck in You - AC/DC
  • Thick & Thin - Black Crowes
  • Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Train Kept a Rollin - Aerosmith version
  • I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
  • Have Love Will Travel - Crazyhead version
  • Draw the Line - Aerosmith

Now for the original stuff...

  • Show Some Emotion
  • Lady Sings The Blues
  • Too Close For Comfort
  • Livin in the City
  • Price Of Fun
  • Horsewhip Blues
  • Got Me On A Lead
  • Cry For Love
  • Down to the Boogie
  • Mind Made Up
Ash & Andy @ The Jaggy Thistle in Blackpool

Ash & Andy playing at The Jaggy Thistle in Blackpool

Feel the power...

As a four piece all three front of stage took their turn to sing lead vocals - very Georgia Satellites. This is Dave, Ash and Andy at the Tache in Blackpool probably sometime around 1991.

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